- 17.02.2020

Teamredminer readme

teamredminer readmeteamredminer v This is an optimized miner for AMD GPUs created by todxx and kerney Download is available in the github releases. magazin-show.ru › help › how-to-set-up-teamredminer.

Ethash: reverted to v0. Changes in v0. Linux 4GB are verified teamredminer readme mine up to and including epoch on drivers After that, we have added support for extended mining from epoch and up. Extended mining is a trade-off between hashrate and being able to mine at all, gpus will lose additional hashrate for every extra epoch.


Release notes: Ethash: verified Linux support for 4GB gpus up to and including epoch Ethash: added support for extended 4GB mining from epoch and up. Kawpow: cleaned up false hw errs for some block heights.

Release notes: Added better default Windows dag allocation strategy on teamredminer readme gpus. Learn teamredminer readme here experimental support for resetting gpus before mining Windows only.

Added protection against teamredminer readme dev servers with additional random server selection mechanism.

Release notes: Fixed print format bug on ethash rejected shares.

Teamredminer readme

Not useful in other contexts. Added teamredminer readme of share difficulty for ethash family algos. Unit is always Teamredminer readme. Turned off compute mode checks for non-Polaris gpus. This will avoid DAG reallocation issues. Teamredminer readme MTP for Navi gpus.

Added MTP ramp-up after teamredminer readme rebuild. Fixed error printouts on failed watchdog script execution on Linux. Upgrade for teamredminer readme upcoming Haven hard fork July 20, Fixed pool name returned by API for Nimiq. Integrated a Nimiq node.

Fixed Nimiq bug that could lose shares, especially against lower vardiff pools. Fixed Nimiq bug that could cause duplicate shares on startup for low-diff pools.

Fixed regression bug for ethash Nicehash, correct stratum mode now used again. Added support for Nimiq Navi. Hive OS.

Added support for xt.

Upgrade Awesome Miner version

Fixed Linux watchdog support for hard driver teamredminer readme script was not executed. Fixed kawpow nicehash extranonce support. Fix for ethash pool hashrate reporting stopping after network outage. A more complete patch is coming out shortly.

Teamredminer readme

Fixed Navi xt support on windows. Fixed mining on Teamredminer readme on older amdgpu-pro drivers. Fixed ADL reporting of stats on windows for check this out cards. Added Navi support for kawpow and ethash.

Fixed teamredminer readme with --list devices not working teamredminer readme other args. Reformatted help message to hopefully make it easier to read.

Added multipool example scripts.

Teamredminer readme

Fixed multi-pool API teamredminer readme. Added pool failover and load balancing. Added better error messages when failing to allocate eth DAG buffers.

Teamredminer readme

Extended maximum teamredminer readme of usernames and passwords for some merged mining setups.

Added report of pool stats.

オービックビジネスコンサルタント 就業奉行i11 Bシステム(対応OS:その他)(SCWFWSB) メーカー在庫品

Changed initial pool auto detect mode to eth proxy. Various fixes for submitting hashrate teamredminer readme pools. Optimization work on x16r: mem clock no longer as important. Issue fix: kernels teamredminer readme into multiple binaries to fix linux amdgpu-pro driver issues.

Issue fix: kernels not loaded properly for Conceal.

Новая фишка Teamredminer! Буст Polaris в майнинге ETH!

Added cuckarood29 algo teamredminer readme grin. Small MTP improvements, mostly for Polaris.

Further small stabilization fixes for CN variants, primarily 4MB algos.

Teamredminer readme

Teamredminer readme for Radeon VII allocation teamredminer readme, causing hw errs. Fix for allocation bug causing crashes for some drivers and gpus. Added Tonga device recognition.

Better error reporting for pool communication issues. Added x16 algo suite: x16r, x16s, teamredminer readme both gin and veil. Auto-tuning mode for all CN variants, see bundled guide. Manual key-driven CN tuning mode available inside the miner.

Teamredminer readme

teamredminer readme Additional data in miner stats console output. Watchdog now detecting single stuck thread when mining CN. Reworked init procedure, added retry logic on comm teamredminer readme. Use with e. This mode is now the default for Vegas. Teamredminer readme increase their workload teamredminer readme at start or restart after e.

teamredminer readme

Teamredminer readme

Added interleave adjustment logic. Readjusts the teamredminer readme threads per gpu over time to make sure they don't gravitate and get stuck. Added support for running here on multiple Teamredminer readme platforms.

Fixed more issues with console colors on older windows versions. Fixed bug where older windows versions would get no console output.

Teamredminer readme

Added work-around for driver bug in linux amdgpu-pro drivers resulting go here low pool-side hash for polaris cards in teamredminer readme cases.

Added some cpu verification optimizations. Added colors and an option to disable them. Fix for occasional crashes when pool disconnects.

Added more messages regarding teamredminer readme being connected to dev pool. Changed printing to not teamredminer readme mining progress if stdout writes block. Changed handling of unrecognized pool rpcs to be ignored instead of causing a reconnect.

ROCm support coming in later version. Added watchdog function for gpu init teamredminer readme, dead gpu, over-temp gpu, and non-responding pool. Added cycling through multi-entry dns records when connecting to pools.


Added a pool-connect timeout. Added measurement and displaying of pool response times.

Added support for byte headers for Phi2 teamredminer readme for non-LUX coins. Fixed bug with API interface here getting stuck.

Fixed teamredminer readme on pool authentication error.

Teamredminer readme

Added option to reorder by PCIe bus numbers. Added uptime to stats. Added support for Rx cards gfx Improved stability teamredminer readme larger rigs, especially with weaker cpus.

Improved error reporting on failed initialization. Added teamredminer readme platform auto-detection for AMD platforms when --platform is not specified. Changed hashrate reported to be full GPU hashrate previously hashrate reported was after dev fee deduction Changes in v0.

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