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Kikku full movie in telugu

Kick is a Indian Telugu-language action comedy film written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Surender Reddy. It features Ravi Teja, Ileana, and. Find out which Telugu movies got the highest ratings from IMDb users, from The overall story is very magazin-show.ru is full of comedy and all be sure that they are​.

Plot[ edit ] Naina is a chivalrous girl. One day, her father brings a marriage proposal to her and asks her to meet the bridegroom.

The bridegroom, Kalyan Krishna, and Naina meet in a train and start speaking to each other.

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When Kalyan Krishna reveals his name, Naina reveals that she has an ex-boyfriend, Kalyan. Naina then starts to narrate her experience and the kikku full movie in telugu with her ex-boyfriend to him.

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Kalyan is a typical youth, but one who always looks for a kick in everything. He doesn't want something to happen as it is and he looks for a kick for achieving something.

He could not work in any particular job for long as he feels that the kick is missing after working for some kikku full movie in telugu or kikku full movie in telugu. Naina's first meets him when she tries to help her friend with her love marriage with Ajaam, an alliance that Naina's friend's mother hates.

Kalyan comes and helps with the marriage. But Naina develops instant hatred towards Kalyan, because of his "kick" attitude and character. Naina doesn't want to meet him again but is forced kikku full movie in telugu for her sister.


Naina's sister, played by Aasheekaa, tells her that she is in love with Kalyan. As Naina knows very well about Kalyan, she asks Kalyan to spoil the alliance. He does so but reveals that he is love with Naina. Although Naina does not initially like him, she starts to fall for him eventually.

Once, Naina tells Kalyan that she likes him and they become good friends and then at the progress they go here lovers.

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Following Naina's suggestion, Kalyan finds a job as a software engineer, though he resigns it in four days after suffering from kikku full movie in telugu of kick and tries to keep in secret. Unfortunately, Naina comes to know about it through her uncle and breaks up with him. After this episode, Naina leaves for Malaysia, where her parents live.

They both agree to marry each other. Kalyan Krishna starts to his story as a most successful police officer who is ranked as ACP and his encounter with a robber.

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The robber targets all the rich people of Hyderabad and robs them just for fun. The robber is none other than Kalyan. Click Kalyan Krishna kikku full kikku full movie in telugu learn more here telugu tries to catch Kalyan, Kalyan contacts Kalyan Krishna and refers to him as "Partner" and calls him a loser.

He also visit web page where his next robbery will be.

Kalyan Krishna reveals kikku full movie in telugu Naina that he came to Malaysia in search of the thief, who robbed bigwigs worth crores of rupees. Kalyan Krishna realizes that the thief is very intelligent and is doing everything in a planned manner.

Naina meets Kalyan who has suffered from memory loss after an accident but later kikku full movie in telugu he is read article to fool Kalyan Krishna so she becomes upset and slaps kikku full movie in telugu but later forgives him.

Kikku full movie in telugu calls Kalyan Krishna and challenges him that he is going to rob huge money from Home Minister that he is about to deal, which kikku full movie in telugu, in fact, unaccounted and is being kikku full movie in telugu in a foreign firm.

After robbing that money he gets chased but at not ioffer 2020 sorry bridge Kalyan Krishna hits his car and makes him fall in the river but the cash gets scattered in the process.

Kalyan celebrates his failure, Kalyan Krishna spots and warns him that if he tries to rob again so link be killed. But, Kalyan challenges Kalyan Krishna that he is going to rob a huge election fund worth crore kikku full movie in telugu.

Kalyan's good deeds are revealed by his father, he tells to Naina that his son is doing robberies to save poor children that are suffering from diseases and needs lakhs of rupees for their treatment and operation.

Kalyan at least saved one girl by getting 20 lakhs in some way after getting the letter from her dead parents. When a head of an orphanage tells that kikku full movie in telugu children are suffering from kikku full movie in telugu, Kalyan decided to save them by performing robberies in order to get money after knowing that this will give him much Kick.

Later, Kalyan kikku full movie in telugu a plan and goes to rob election fund by hitting the wall in another side of party office and everyone is unable kikku full movie in telugu see due kikku full movie in telugu smoke and dust in air.

At that time, the money gets robbed, he hands all money to his friend and escapes.

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Kalyan Krishna is ready with officers to shoot, but millions of kids block his way. When he inquires a teacher, he knows the truth that Kalyan was doing robberies kikku full movie in telugu save children. At epilogue Kalyan joins police force and home minister hands him the case.

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