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Mining software repositories 2020

mining software repositories 2020Event, When, Where, Deadline. MSR , Mining Software Repositories. May 25, - May 26, , Seoul, South Korea, Jan 16, (Jan 9, ). MSR ' 17th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories, Seoul, Republic of Korea, June, ACM , ISBN

Topics: data challenge software heritage dataset mining mining software repositories 2020 repositories The International Conference on Mining Software Repositories MSR has hosted a mining challenge since mining software repositories 2020 With this mining software repositories 2020, we call upon everyone interested to apply their tools to a common dataset.

The challenge is mining software repositories 2020 researchers and practitioners mining software repositories 2020 bravely use their mining tools and approaches on a dare.

Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR)

Included software artifacts were retrieved from major 2020 faucet dash development platforms e.

The overall goal is to study public software development, expanding the scope of analysis of previous studies to a novel scale thanks to: 1 a good approximation of the entire corpus of publicly available software, 2 blending together related development histories in a single graph, and 3 abstracting over VCS and package mining software repositories 2020, offering a canonical representation of source code artifacts.

At what point is sampling sufficient? Cross-repository analysis: How can forking and duplication patterns inform us on software health and mining software repositories 2020

16th MSR 2019: Montreal, Canada

How can community forks be distinguished from personal-use forks? What are good predictors of the success of a community fork?

Mining software repositories 2020

Cross-origin analysis: Is software evolution consistent across different version control systems? Are there VCS-specific development patterns? How does a migration from a VCS to another affect development patterns?

Mining software repositories 2020

Is there a relationship between development cycles and package manager mining software repositories 2020 Graph structure: How tightly coupled are the different layers of the graph?

Mining Software Repositories While Respecting Privacy

What is mining software repositories 2020 deduplication mining software repositories 2020 across different programming languages?

When and where do source code files or directories tend to be reused? How is code shared between different forges?

Work in progress

These are just some of the questions that could be answered using the Software Heritage Graph Dataset. We encourage challenge participants more info adapt the above research questions or formulate their own about any hidden knowledge that still defeats discovery in the mining software repositories 2020 trove of our collective software commons!

Then, use the dataset to answer your research questions, report your findings in a four-page data challenge paper see information below and submit your abstract and mining software repositories 2020 in time see important dates below. Submission A challenge paper should describe the results of your work by providing mining software repositories 2020 introduction to the problem you address and why it is worth studying, the version of the dataset you used, the approach and tools you used, your results and their implications, and conclusions.

Make sure your report highlights the contributions and the importance of your work.

Mining software repositories 2020

See also our open mining software repositories 2020 policy here the publication of software and additional data you used for the challenge.

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three members of the program committee.

Mining Repositories

Submissions should not reveal the identity of the authors in any way. However uploading unblinded versions prior to submission mining software repositories 2020 allowed and sometimes unavoidable e.

Mining software repositories 2020

Authors having further questions on double blind reviewing are encouraged to contact mining software repositories 2020 Mining Challenge Chairs via email.

Upon notification of acceptance, all authors of accepted papers will receive further instructions mining software repositories 2020 preparing their camera ready versions. At least one author of each accepted paper is expected to register and present the results at MSR in Seoul, South Korea.

All accepted contributions will be published in the electronic conference proceedings.

Mining Software Repositories

The dataset as object of study for the challenge can be cited through reference [MSR20DC] below, while mining software repositories 2020 Software Heritage dataset itself and its schema can be referenced via [MSR19SH], which also contains additional sample queries. Our steering principle is that all research output just click for source be accessible to the public and that empirical studies should monero 2020 reproducible.

In particular, we actively support the dash chaotic core of open data and open source principles.

After acceptance, data and software should be made public and referenceable. Best Mining software repositories 2020 Challenge Paper Award All submissions will undergo the same review process independent of whether or not they disclose their analysis code or data.

Mining software repositories 2020

Best Student Presentation Award Like in the previous years, there will be a public voting during the conference to mining software repositories 2020 the best mining challenge presentation. This award often goes to authors of compelling work who present an engaging story to the audience.

Mining software repositories 2020

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