- 29.02.2020

Localbitcoins blocked my account

localbitcoins blocked my accountMaybe he can come speak to me about why LocalBitcoins has now blocked my account for the 3rd time in 6 months without contact or reason! I never sent my id to web. My btc here are gone forever? On paypal you will receive your money after days, if account is blocked, i sent this.

February Scammers!

P2P Crypto Exchange LocalBitcoins Blocked By Russian Authorities

Some people were able to get some back after deleting their account and waiting 14 days!! Beware localbitcoins blocked my account November been trying to get a hold of them since sep ; now in november still no response received.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

September I localbitcoins blocked my account an exchange received an email transfer then released my bitcoin. The buyer then reported to his bank that he wants a refund.

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Interact etransfer then had a freeze put on my account. I am no longer allowed to send or receive etransfers on my bank acount and the seller taiyo araki has claimed my bitcoins.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

I have been reported as accepting fraudulant funds localbitcoins blocked my account have no help from the banks and local bitcoin has not responded to be about this.

I dont understand how someone can get away with reclaiming there funds after sending https://magazin-show.ru/account/paypal-prepaid-register-account.html etransfer but.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

Now i am being looked at as the frauder. August They charge Astronomical fees to receive and send.

Localbitcoins company account

Go through anyone but these people because they localbitcoins blocked my account what they are not entitled to charge for. Mrbuyandsell June By him having localbitcoins blocked my account limits stuck at 13 coin allows him localbitcoins blocked my account keep the escrow from being localbitcoins blocked my account.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

He used his trusted status to get results. Gerrard May Accordingly, what conclusion can we draw localbitcoins blocked my account this?

How TO Sell Bitcoin On LocalBitcoin ! Only 15 Minutes !!Hindi !! withdrawal instantly

I think it localbitcoins blocked my account not necessary to be a very smart person in order to understand that this resource is draining information to the goverment. Rosie February Your article is wrong.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

LocalBitcoins has been hacked. You should update this as you have a responsibility to readers to be ethical and stay up to date.

LocalBitcoins has blocked the accounts of residents of 6 countries 🤐

Thank you. Mahdi Mohammadi If not, stick to the simpler options. March Use this site at your own risk.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

If anything goes wrong then support will do little to help you. Achiler1. October Bought some bitcoin off a scammer from this site who kept my money and told me he never received it.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

I had to go to the police to get my localbitcoins blocked my account back.

Reported it to LocalBitcoins who did nothing and resolved the dispute in his favour!

Localbitcoin blocked my account after buying bitcoin. How can i recover it ?

Steer cleer of LocalBitcoins, they will not help you if you are localbitcoins blocked my account. Mubarak September Account without crypto exchange I have a suspended account, because I opened a second lbc.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

I have written to localbitcoins blocked my account severally but the am still not satisfied with the decision. They also stated that I can't send a mail localbitcoins blocked my account I use the link.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

So I thought I should forfeit the account since its been held my someone else. I did all verification no error that I have an account and I can't open another ,everything went successful.

I sent localbitcoins blocked my account passport page for localbitcoins blocked my account no error message telling me anything about another account.

Fees on LocalBitcoins

I felt it's done let me buy some bitcoin, I also did localbitcoins blocked my account without any error telling me I have an another acct else where.

The purchase was successful after few hours I tried to open another trade then I got this error message,you are on a forced holiday …since then support have been telling me the same thing about having two accounts.

Localbitcoins blocked my account

Please help me out localbitcoins blocked my account bitcoin are stucked in the new account with a larger volume, please am losing hope already try and help me https://magazin-show.ru/account/setting-up-crypto-account.html something about this.

I really need the bitcoin in my wallet,I beg u Thanks I just hope u will do something Kevin Joseph August Localbitcoins are blocking accounts one you complete payments.

Beware more info this is a scam company.

How to withdraw bitcoin from Localbitcoins com

They want to steal your bitcoins. You better use another company but not localbitcoins.

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