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Naturepedic mattress protector

naturepedic mattress protectorCotton · ORGANIC COTTON MATTRESS PAD- Natural mattress materials are highly absorptive and extra soft. · NON TOXIC MATTRESS PAD- Contains no vinyl/. Details · Enjoy luxurious comfort and extra protection for your mattress with the Naturepedic® Organic Cotton Waterproof Protector Pad · Two layers of GOTS-.

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Naturepedic mattress protector

Reviewed in the United States on 19 August Verified Purchase I bought this for a full sized mattress after being very happy with naturepedic mattress protector bassinet and crib covers for several years.

However upon opening this, I was immediately hit in the face with a strong chemical smell that wasn't present with my earlier purchases.

Naturepedic Organic Quilted Mattress Pad Review

naturepedic mattress protector I was weary of what might have been naturepedic mattress protector to the product post manufacturing naturepedic mattress protector my earlier purchases were sold directly by Naturepedic on Amazon and this full sized was sold by Aidleyco.

I was also click here with the stiff feel and scratchy backing.

Naturepedic mattress protector

So I ordered the fitted version for 20 dollars more naturepedic mattress protector is knit with jersey cotton on both sides to compare. The first, unfitted one came naturepedic mattress protector a cheap plastic naturepedic mattress protector and the naturepedic mattress protector one came naturepedic mattress protector a nice cardboard box with a rope handle.

Naturepedic mattress protector

The fitted one is of much nicer quality, soft on both sides and did not have the moth-ball like smell of the unfitted one.

It did have naturepedic mattress protector mild smell to it, but it is more of a material naturepedic mattress protector, not chemical.

Naturepedic mattress protector

I expect that with washing it will dissipate. Definitely worth the extra 20 bucks for the fitted naturepedic mattress protector Just FYI that seller was called Pokkadots.

Naturepedic mattress protector

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