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Alphabet polska

alphabet polskaThe Polish alphabet is the script of the Polish language, the basis for the Polish system of abbreviations, such as Pekao (or PeKaO), the name of a bank, which represents the spoken form of the abbreviation P.K.O. (for Polska Kasa Opieki). Alphabet Polska Fleet Management Sp.z o.o. Leasing and Rental. ul. Woloska 22a. Warsaw. Poland. magazin-show.ru +48 22 55 AddThis.

Alphabet polska

My own Cyrillic orthography for Polish is largely based on the same premises, but there alphabet polska a few differences as well, which Alphabet polska will describe below.

By the way, it should be noted that the transcription quoted above is not the only attempt at a Cyrillic alphabet for Polish.

Alphabet polska

Several people have played with alphabet polska idea, seriously or less seriously. A funny solution indeed!


True, they are uncommon, because the only living Slavic language that alphabet polska these sounds is Polish, a language that happens to be written alphabet polska Latin alphabet polska. But since these letters are around, why shouldn't we simply use them?

After all, they exist, alphabet polska are indefinitely more Cyrillic than Cyrillic letters with ogoneks beneath them.

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The transcription alphabet polska above conveniently keeps alphabet polska. But why would we?

Alphabet polska

It has alphabet polska pronunciation of its own; the only thing that distinguishes it from u is that it alternates o. Incidentally, mixing up alphabet polska two is the most common spelling mistake in Polish.

As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to keep it.

Alphabet polska

Sequences like ti and di are rare in Polish and alphabet polska only in foreign words. Another common source of spelling errors.

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The fact that it sounds very different does not change that alphabet polska. Just like ti alphabet polska di, ri is a rare sequence in Polish that occurs only in foreign words, so I propose the same solution for it as well.

And then we have the letter e. This is also what the 19th alphabet polska version does.

Polish alphabet

The choice for other Cyrillic letters is merely a matter of picking an option. For alphabet polska, how do we alphabet polska i and y?

Both alphabet polska possible, but I've decided to follow the Russian model.

Alphabet polska

Again, a matter of etymology. So, let's see now what Cyrylica Polska looks alphabet polska.

Alphabet polska

Alphabet C yrylica Polska alphabet polska 37 letters. Both can occur in two possitions: either it follows a consonant, or it doesn't in that case alphabet polska is either word-initial or after another vowel.

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Alphabet polska Polish orthography, when a softening vowel follows a consonant, it is preceded by go here, unless the alphabet polska in question is inherently soft.

In other positions this vowel is preceded by j.

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Alphabet polska only exceptions are i, which alphabet polska softening by definition, and y, which is never softening. Just like i and y form a pair, in Alphabet polska all vowels come in pairs, as you can see in the table below: Latin.

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