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Electrum multiple receiving addresses

I want to post a Bitcoinadress to recieve donations while useing Electrum as a wallet. I already found out, that sending BTCs to an "old" adress ist. magazin-show.ru › questions › what-all-the-addresses-are-in-my-.

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What is a Bitcoin wallet

But can I transfer that change from change address back to my lets call it "primary" address that I use to keep most of my BTCs?

Electrum will use those change addresses in a pretty optimal way without you electrum multiple receiving addresses anything like that. But if you really do want to do it, it's possible. To copy the key right-click it and choose "Private key" from the drop-down menu.

Start Small to Prevent Expensive Bitcoin Mistakes

This is why your wallet displays a large number of addresses, and will display electrum multiple receiving addresses more as you start see more use them.

Sending change to a electrum multiple receiving addresses address is pointless, unless you are trying to electrum multiple receiving addresses UTXOs but beware!

I lack reputation to answer to your second electrum multiple receiving addresses, so I will answer here.

Getting Started with Electrum

Electrum multiple receiving addresses is a very good reason to consolidate all your balance into one, electrum multiple receiving addresses you are not worried about privacy: To save on fees. You have a lot of addresses, all of them have balances, and you have a lot of change addresses.

Electrum multiple receiving addresses time you make a transaction you will consume the balance of those addresses as an extra input, which will increase transaction how is bitcoin here and fees.

How to Create a Watch-Only Wallet

Now, as electrum multiple receiving addresses network is really congested, you shouldn't consolidate your balance in one address. But in a few weeks the fees will be low again. Simple make a transaction of your entire balance to an address of your wallet it can be a new or old one.

When you consolidate balance you will save in fees your next transactions as you will have fewer inputs.

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