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Tokencard white paper

tokencard white paperTokenCard/Token Platform Whitepaper v David Hoggard, Mel Gelderman and Peter Vessenes April 4, Copyright , Monolith. TokenCard Whitepaper. TokenCard Executive Summary. The Debit Card TokenCard is a debit card usable at payment terminals around the world, including.

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A fixed number will be created during the presale, and no more will be created thereafter.

The TKN Token provides a TKN holder with source right to use the Tokencard white paper for transaction using TKN without having to pay additional licensing fees transaction fees charged by third party card issuers and payment system providers remain applicable.

Tokencard white paper

Payments made with TokenCard using tokens other than TKN is, tokencard white paper in addition to the transaction fee charged by the card issuing partner — subject to the payment of a license fee as remuneration for the more info of the software protocol developed as part of the TokenCard project.

Fees from card swipes will be assessed in the token being used to tokencard white paper the swipe. Over time, this contract will — in a fully automated way and without any management required- accrue tokens in proportion to the tokens used by TokenCard customers around the world.

For a full description of the TKN token, see section source.

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We believe so strongly in the future of the token economy that not only are we the first company to offer to create our tokens in exchange for other tokens, we will give contributions in certain tokens a discount. Tokencard white paper the cap is reached, we will address buy professional email to sell and create TKN for 24 hours — this will tokencard white paper those who wish to participate in the event if all tokens sell out quickly.

Tokencard white paper

Those who purchase with other tokens from our approved list will receive a 2. CopyrightMonolith Studio.

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Contact mel monolith. Most of these costs are somewhat fixed.

Tokencard white paper

For more details read our Use of Funds section 9. Because of this, any money we tokencard white paper from pre-sales over our minimum will largely go to marketing and customer acquisition.

Tokencard white paper

This creates a visit web page multiplier for the project: as we have more money we will be able tokencard white paper spend a tokencard white paper percentage on customer acquisition and https://magazin-show.ru/address/how-to-get-bitcoin-wallet-address-coinbase.html spending commensurately.

We believe issuing TokenCard in China will be critical to building the transactional volume for the card.

TokenCard Whitepaper

Entering the Chinese market from the outside can be difficult and expensive; the more successful tokencard white paper TKN creation event, the more quickly we will be able to capture this market.

This may be imprudent.

Tokencard white paper

Lessons from modern markets show that both debt and equity are useful tools for raising capital. These TKN will not be issued or sold during the initial pre-sale and are locked in a smart contract. If at some point it seems advisable for the TokenCard project tokencard white paper sell more tokens, some or all of these may be offered in an auction format or some see more format that suits the capital needs of the project.

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In the interim, these TKN will not be used in any way. They will not be considered as issued tokencard white paper Cash and Burn calculations. They will not grant anyone other usage benefits in the TokenCard system.

Tokencard white paper

It is possible these TKN will tokencard white paper be issued, however, we feel it is prudent to have some backup if needed. In any event, TokenCard will engage directly with TKN holders to seek guidance and market reaction before any of the Tokencard white paper tokens are offered.

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The Future We have big plans. Our mobile app will allow customers a number of features that they cannot easily tokencard white paper with other digital currency and token wallet apps.

TokenCard: Enabling the proliferation of Ethereum into the mass market

Read more in Section 4. We aim over time to tokencard white paper about a world which makes access to tokens far easier than it is today, far more intuitive, with far less friction.

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