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Planet money bitcoin bet

planet money bitcoin betNPR Planet Money. Ben Horowitz and Felix Salmon take their News Genius debate to another by placing a BITCOIN BET on read more». My favourite podcast just ran a follow up to their bitcoin episode from 5 years ago. Nothing revelatory, but certainly worth a listen -.

NPR Planet Money: VC Ben Horowitz Places 2nd Bet on Mass Adoption of Crypto

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Planet money bitcoin bet

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Planet money bitcoin bet

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Planet money bitcoin bet

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How have humans developed this concept over centuries?

Planet Money

How much money we have determines where we live and how we live. But what is it, exactly? And while Goldstein often planet money bitcoin bet an admirable job in clarifying complex, abstract ideas, his book ultimately misses the mark.

Planet money bitcoin bet

Goldstein also overuses exclamation points, undercutting his own efforts at emphasis. Goldstein also writes click at this page historical figures who deserve to be better known, such as Irving Fisher, a polymath and Yale economist whose ideas were instrumental planet money bitcoin bet the U.

Goldstein often discusses problems in economies based on coinage, such as the practice of shaving off planet money bitcoin bet parts of precious metal planet money bitcoin bet to make counterfeits.

He also devotes a substantial number of pages to areas of English economic history.

Planet money bitcoin bet

Newton oversaw an improvement in the quality and planet money bitcoin bet of minted coins, thus making them much more difficult to counterfeit.

He also supervised the integration of the currencies of England and Scotland after the Union planet money bitcoin bet Get the Monitor Stories you care about delivered to your inbox.

Unmasking the Pyramid Kings: Crowd1 scam targets Africa - BBC Africa Eye documentary

He devotes too much ink to the history of the first planet money bitcoin bet market fund which he could have omitted but never once planet money bitcoin bet the Clinton-era gutting of the Glass-Steagall Act, a law that planet money bitcoin bet commercial banks from engaging in investment banking.

Some economists such as Nobel Laureate Planet money bitcoin bet Stiglitz consider the neutering of Glass-Steagall as a major contributor to the recession.

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To be fair, Goldstein does mention Glass-Steagall once in the chapter notes at the end of the book. But, for me, it did not live up to its promise. Related stories.

Planet money bitcoin bet

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