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Tron trx news reddit

Tron is so decentralized that we don't even know when an extremely important figure in the company gets fired, lol. If you're already a Reddit user, you likely know the website is composed of subreddit, dedicated to the news, discussions and analysis of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency projects are constantly evolving, so development tron trx news reddit are always making updates to the code, which sometimes requires users to take action in order to keep their tokens updated.

These include hard tron trx news reddit and mainnet launches, where the previous tokens are swapped for newly updated tokens.

However, it is impossible to keep on top of all developments for every project, and tron trx news reddit uninformed cryptocurrency users can end up losing their cryptocurrency.

One such cryptocurrency tron trx news reddit recently posted an overview of their latest troubles experienced with the Tron token swap.

Another Tron trx news reddit Missed Reddit user, Poldi-1, created a post recently to explain his ordeal with the TRX token link, which he had apparently missed.

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The story begins in Maywhen he had heard tron trx news reddit an upcoming mainnet swap that he wanted to be tron trx news reddit part of. Poldi-1 source an account on the Tron.

This is no surprise, as Tron. The user then proceeded to buy TRX on an exchange and sent them over to his Tron. Network wallet.

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He then tron trx news reddit to leave his TRX tokens in this wallet, as he believed he more info done his due diligence in securing his tokens for the tron trx news reddit.

Why would Tron. Network not automatically migrate his tokens for him? However, as it turned out, Poldi-1 was gravely mistaken. After logging into his wallet a couple of weeks ago, he was shocked to notice a message stating that the token swap deadline was in December and he had missed the deadline by a few months.


A Valuable Lesson This can tron trx news reddit seen as a cautionary tale, teaching users to treat their investments with care. The majority of cryptocurrency users invest in cryptocurrency and leave their assets in cold storage for extended periods of time. This is fine for a cryptocurrency like Tron trx news reddit, which rarely has major upgrades requiring users to take action.

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However, with projects such as Tron, that are still in development, it appears this is not an entirely possible solution. Typically, project read more teams will plan months in advance if there is a token swap or tron trx news reddit fork incoming, and will send out development update emails to warn users to take action.

However, in the tron trx news reddit of Poldi-1, no emails were sent to his registered email address.

You have to put them in on time, and then take them out on time, or they just vanish, but sometimes people are not paying attention to this or that fantasy internet money, and it just goes poof on them.

Reddit: Community Feels Scammed By Tron TRX, 85% of Readers Agree

Knew about the main net swap but failed to research it properly are you tron trx news reddit to crypto? Remember you need to treat crypto as a monetary asset and you need to manage it as such.

Take this as a lesson and learn from it. It is important for users to stay on top tron trx news reddit the news as much as possible.

The majority of upcoming token swaps will give users weeks to prepare, so long as the user is on top of the news. At the very least, a user should be checking their emails and spam for any development updates within their crypto projects from time to tron trx news reddit.

Do you agree that Poldi-1 was scammed by Tron? Should they be reimbursed?

Or should they tron trx news reddit been paying more attention all along? Let us know in the comments! Subscribe to us on social networks. And watch the news: Download the Crypto Go here app and get world news about crypto and blockchain technology from various sources:.

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