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Jordan Campbell July 18, Share Review I feel the need zero review review Generation Zero because after reading several reviews mainly shortly after the launch of the title agree, zero review think before release date zero review was dealt an extremely bad hand.

Yes, reviews are a good base for knowledge and understanding of a title, however, I tend to read a few reviews and then survey some gameplay footage on YouTube or streaming sites.

Generation Zero is an open world, Co-operative, first-person shooter survival game which can be played alone or up to three other online friends. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world set in Sweden and occurs in the year Generation Zero sets you off with your character creation which will give you some preset styles and you go from there, punk rocker, hip-hopper, greaser or popular.

I was drawn to Generation Zero as not only was an 80s kid, the thought zero review exploring this zero review open zero review was appealing. Before I even put one foot in front of the other I took the time to take a gander at the world map and it is very sizeable and appeared to be enormous.

This excited me and made me eager to get started with the exploration and uncovering the secrets from this world. Visually the game is aesthetically pleasing, with its constant day and night cycle and differing weather effects it really added to the spooky s tone. The view of the sun, blooming from its rise and seeing the light glistening through the forest areas was actually jaw dropping and zero review the best I have seen this utilised in any game I have to be completely honest.

It appears this apocalypse has only just occurred, and you are left to associate with its aftermath, alone or with your online buddies.

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zero review There is plenty to loot, and I found it addictive, trawling through every room, opening every box and searching every shelf. Zero review weapons are much needed as taking on the robots is no easy feat whatsoever, and the artificial intelligence is actually robust and clever here.

When I finally got a pistol, it took me a zero review four to five accurate shots to disable a robot and destroy zero review.

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We will discuss robots further into the review as they are consistent throughout the world map.

The level of detail in Generation Zero is incredible to zero review fair, from its forested area with the already mentioned day and night cycle, the way fireworks that you throw to distract robots light zero review the zero review sky so zero review to zero review glisten of the water from the lakes and rivers splitting sections of the island apart I had so much admiration to the hard work and dedication put in here.

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Just standing on a cliff for a minute and using your binoculars source observe a town with several buildings ways in the distance always zero review you that goal zero review wanting to reach that point.

The only criticism I would have of the buildings is that even though there are so many to trawl through and loot, they do tend to get a little repetitive in the design. The early reviews I have read of Generation Zero stated that there were a lot of bugs, glitches and general issues.

I can only hazard a guess that since launch, the game has been tidied, patched and fixed in a lot of areas. I also have read that zero review complained of spending hours going from place to place with no real sense zero review direction on the next aim. Whilst this encouraged exploration I can say that between towns and interesting areas there is nothing to really see and do and the world is vacant and empty.

I can imagine this is done for effect and it is done exceptionally well. The moment you took zero review bicycle on rough terrain or up and down hills frustratingly, there was no way to propel yourself to normal speeds.

I will state I have a blast riding around on bikes with zero review online friends and we spent twenty minutes just trying zero review go really fast and smash each other.

This would often result in falling off the bike or triggering a hilarious bug where you would catapult about fifteen foot in the air.

Depending on the type of enemy, it can range from four to five shots for smaller zero review to a lot more for the larger ones.

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I found it easier to dodge and avoid enemies and take the longer way around sometimes than to try to fight them. There is an on-screen indicator that starts of white, turns amber and then turns to red when you are eventually detected. At this moment you can choose to do zero review runner and hide or face the wrath and try to conquer them.

There are some clever ways to kill off these machines with simplicity, for instance, you can place a gas canister on the ground and then fire towards it to cause an explosion, wiping out robots out instantly.

One thing I noticed which was a minor annoyance was the zero review usage. You can choose to place four separate here into a quick select function by using the d-pad zero review that healing for zero review was quick and easy.

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Frustratingly once you have used up the amount of zero review aid kits at your disposal, it then disappears from this menu and you then have to reequip them back to the slot when you find more.

Again, not game breaking but certainly annoying and it would have been nice for the game to automatically allocate them back to these positions zero review you gained more through looting.

Lastly, another main factor worth mentioning is that there is a skill tree system as you progress through the zero review. Along with this it was interesting to build up weaponry and attach zero review, ammunition and magazines to make them more powerful as you found more kit.

There are zero review additional clothing items to be found out there to cater for your characters if you fancy a change of clothes at any stage. Overall, I hugely enjoyed my time with Generation Zero zero review what it was. Visit web page would have been welcoming to see a little zero review variation in the zero review of buildings that you were looting as they felt a little samey after 60 hours of rifling around for loot.

What I loved though was the design of zero review world, its eeriness and zero review suspense. With the day and night cycle and the incredible scenery, it does more than enough to even out the few downfalls.

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